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Healthy food - recipe

What is healthy food

Not one kilometer has been written about all this, therefore we will just briefly designate our philosophy. “Healthy food” is one that gives maximum benefit and minimum harm. By what criteria can it be determined? Here they are:

There are few empty calories - that is, it does not contain white flour, saturated fat, sugars, starch;
A lot of protein and fiber - these comrades need to be taken in pairs, because the abundance of protein and the lack of dietary fiber will lead to a serious bowel failure;
It tries to cook vegetables at a minimum, and it is better to eat raw;
They do not fry in oil and fat, but prefer to stew, bake, steam and fry on coals;
She is at least 4 times a day.
This is a bit, but by relying on them, you can start drawing up a menu. So, wear an apron, it's time to cook.

Healthy food - recipes

Let's start with a simpler, for example, protein omelet with greens, 1 portion:

Protein 2 eggs thoroughly beat with a fork or whisk;
Finely chop the greens and add to the squirrels;
Pour 30 ml of milk with 1% fat and whip again;
Salt lightly, pour into a cup or mold, lightly oiled;
Bake, steam for 10 - 15 minutes, in the microwave - 5-7 minutes.
It is better to eat this with raw vegetables and rye bread.

When you want something more substantial, it's time to cook chicken soup. Boil the breast, pour out the broth or somewhere else. Separately, crumble half a bulb, carrot, cauliflower or broccoli into ordinary water, salt it a little. While it is all slowly boiling and boiling (5 minutes), cut the meat and throw it to the vegetables, let it boil together for another 5 minutes. At the end, add spices to taste and parsley. We recommend rosemary from spices, a little black pepper - it does not kill the aroma of the soup. Who does not like the smell of cabbage, can replace it with a turnip or zucchini, but not potatoes. Serve with dried rye cubes and a teaspoon of natural yogurt.

Well, and finally, the main dish - baked mackerel. We have enough of one fish for a family of three. Wash and gut fish thoroughly. The head can be left or can be removed. The entire length of the sides with a knife to make a mesh of shallow cuts - this will allow it to marinate better, and then bake. Put the prepared fish on the foil and pour it with soy sauce abundantly, wrap it in foil and leave it for a couple of hours, or at night. Soy sauce is better to take low sodium. After that, put in the oven at 200 degrees for 20-30 minutes - like that, and put it straight, in this foil. Upon completion, serve the fish, serve with vegetable garnish and herbs.

Desserts on a diet

In vain you grieve, considering that there are no desserts on a proper diet or diet. As a consolation, another recipe. No, this is not a pack of cottage cheese and a packet of vanilla, but close: oatmeal cheesecakes. For them we need one egg, half a pack of low-fat cottage cheese, oatmeal 3 tbsp. spoons (you can just grind flakes in a coffee grinder), a small handful of raisins. All these ingredients are thoroughly mixed and sculpted with small hands with small hands and fried in a dry nonstick frying pan. If you have already lost a little bit of sweetness, then this will seem to you to be a rather sweet dish. You can add and decorate it with anything: a spoonful of honey, jam or just yogurt — it will still be very tasty and, most importantly, useful.

Once again we recall that it is important not only to cook, but also how, so be healthy and indulge yourself with goodies.

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