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I ate cauliflower every day for a week and that's what happened

Take a step back, cabbage. Cauliflower is the new vegetarian "it" that fills the supermarket spotlight. From crackers to pizza crust, the tendency to cauliflower (with a hashtag that recites over 1.1 million post Instagram ...) has opened the way to a demand based on plants in multiple food corridors. In fact, Instacart has recorded an increase of 316% in cauliflower products sold from 2017 to 2018 and in the last six months Uber Eats has registered a growth of over 39% in orders containing cauliflower, according to brand representatives.

So what is the deal? Is the subtitle in the most popular cousin of broccoli all that is broken to be? To find out, I did what anyone would have done: I ate the cauliflower every day for a week. Ricotto, crushed, roasted, pressure cooked, store-bought - I tried everything. Here's what I found.

It is nutritious-dense and filling!

Cauliflower can have an anti-cancer power and contains a considerable nutritional stimulus with 1 cup of fresh cauliflower which is an excellent source of vitamins C and K and a good source of fiber, folate and vitamin B6. It is no wonder that the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have included it in a list of "power plants and fruit and vegetables"


I didn't get sick

Thanks to its delicate flavor, cauliflower is a versatile addition to almost all meals, especially for gluten-free or carbohydrate eaters. Snacks simply on roasted ornaments thrown into your favorite condiment or healthy sauce (Attachment A: buffalo cauliflower, pictured above), or use them as a base for healthy foods such as food wins as shrimp and cauliflower "grater". I proudly lit my favorite hummus recipe by replacing half of the chickpeas for rice with cauliflower and even mixed (and surprisingly loved!) In my morning smoothie, at Barbara Lincoln, RD. "Frozen cauliflower in a smoothie is a great way to thicken it and add nutrients," says Lincoln. Still left on my list: Cauliflower Brownies. (Yes, I am a thing!)

It has range

It seems that you can't go wrong when it comes to preparing cauliflower. At the end of the week, I became partial to cutting the "steaks" like an abundant top hat and I found the packaged "rice" as a way to save time without having to accumulate macros. I can report that I have successfully taken a crack to create my cauliflower pizza crust, and the pre-packaged versions of Outer Aisle and Cali'Flour are as good as they are cheap. Oh, and like everyone else on your feed of grams, I'm also a big fan of Trader Joe's Cauliflower Dumplings! I look forward to trying other varieties of pasta that continue to become readily available.

It is suitable for life (kind of ...)

Exchanging cauliflower may seem like a secret weapon for losing weight, but doing so is not necessarily a guarantee. "Do not be fooled by health," warns Mariana Dineen MS, RD, CDN, LD, founder of Pretty Nutritious. "Just because [a product] is gluten-free and made with cauliflower, you can't think it's healthy. Unfortunately, many end up being a refined low-carbohydrate and low-calorie product with superfluous cauliflower powers." General rule: be vigilant when reading your label, as you will find that many products contain cassava flour, potato starch, oils and cheese - all it can add! When you blend your cauliflower dish, be aware of the ingredients and additional seasonings. "You can save calories and carbohydrates from a normal pizza crust using a cauliflower crust, but if you load it with meat and cheese you have canceled your healthy exchange," explains Lincoln.

It can cause belly problems

While everyone's tolerance is different, too many cauliflowers can create G.I. distress, such as excess gas and swelling. "Make sure you drink enough water to move it through your system," suggests Lincoln. Cooking can also digest digestive pains.

It is cheap freindly-budget

Exchange the cauliflower for the meat (especially if you go on the frozen path!) It will extend the food budget. Tikka Masala cauliflower, for example, was a hit among my chicken-loving friends, for a fraction of the cost of take-out. Another tip for pasta: buy the whole head of cauliflower and do it yourself.

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